Billet turn stalks

$75.00 USD

Custom designed turn signal stalk to replace the boring OEM bar stalk. CNC machined in the USA from solid billet 6061 aluminum. Designed for a direct replacement with the OEM part. 3D machined toolpaths with a smooth flowing shape. Both S30 and 510 versions designed for better placement with the common smaller (350mm) aftermarket steering wheels .

Clear Anodized
Black Anodized

510 version
S30 version fits 240z/260z/280z

510 version is about 1" shorter.
S30 version is about 5/8" shorter.

Both should sit about 2.5" behind a Momo 1" dish wheel on a Momo hub. Flat wheels and dished wheels may vary your results.

Install notes:

510 version:
Easy swap, there is a roll pin that must be tapped out. Once you remove the arm there is a small detent ball and spring that must be swapped over to new arm. Reinstall original roll pin.

S30 version:
More difficult swap. Arm is held on with a loose pin that has one end smashed flat. You'll have to remove this pin. Best to remove turn stalk assembly from car and carefully Dremel the smashed end off with a small cut-off wheel. Once pin is removed, just swap a small spring and brass plunger in the end over to the new arm and reinstall with provided new stainless shoulder bolt and lock nut.